Spirit of TWA, Coast to Coast

To dream the impossible dream


With the inclusion of TWA’s oldest flying aircraft, “The Spirit of TWA”, Jet Blue is acknowledging and honoring 70 plus years of airline history as they celebrate the opening of Terminal 5.

This airplane represents the accomplishments of the entire U.S. airline industry; the birth and progress of commercial aviation; the safety innovations beginning in the 1930s that are still utilized today.  
Mike Fizer

The Lockheed 12A is the first all metal, all electric twin and this 12A, NC18137 was instrumental in high altitude research, deicing equipment and static discharge.
This Lockheed is a tribute to the aviation pioneers of aircraft and airlines.

Visionary aviators of the 1920s; Jack Frye, Paul Richter and Walt Hamilton founded TWA. In 20 years they grew their 1926 Aero Corp, ‘Standard Airlines’ into ‘Trans World Airlines.
In 2005 a twist of fate returned this flying museum to all of us and Ruth Richter Holden purchased the L12A and brought her back to TWA.

" No one can own history. We are only the guardians of NC18137. Our dedication is to share this American heritage icon of ingenuity, innovations and ideals," comments Ruth Richter Holden.

September 18, 2008 Ruth Richter Holden, daughter of TWA founder, pilot and Vice President Paul E. Richter will fly the 1937 Lockheed Electra 12A from Santa Maria, California to New York, JFK International Airport celebrating the grand opening of former TWA Terminal 5, now owned by JetBlue.

The return flight plan from New York to California, will follow the original routes of TWA's first coast to coast passenger service trip.

Captain Curt Walters will command the flight, return trip will be flown by Captain Kirk McQuown and Kaye Chandler, retired TWA flight attendant, will accompany the team to document this historic event.

The grand name of TWA once again will soar.

Ruth Richter Holden


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